Chikuzan-style simmered chicken and vegetables

      ☆ Chicken thighs
         Cut into bite-size chunks.

      ☆ Taro and Carrot
         Cut into bite-size chunks.

      ☆ Lotus root and burdock
         Cut into bite-size chunks and soak them in water
         to remove the harsh taste.

      ☆ Konjac
         Tear into bite-size chunks and boil for a minute.

      ☆ Dried shiitake mushrooms
         Soak in water and cut into bite-size chunks.


SeasoningTable of Chikuzan-style simmered chicken and vegetables
* dashi: broth made from kelp and/or dried bonito shavings


     Weigh all the materials and check the amount of "dashi" and
        "condiment (soy sauce, sugar, & mirin)" in the above table.

     Fries chicken tights with an appropriate amount warms salad oil and take out.

     Put other ingredients with dashi and condiment in the pod and boil them.

    4 Place the fried chicken in the pot and remove the scum.

    5 Boil down with Otoshibuta.

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