Simmered dried radish

      ☆ Dried radish
         Soak dried radish in water until tender and drain off water.
         Keep soup stock.

      ☆ Fried bean curd
         Removing oil by pouring boiling water and make chopped.

      ☆ Carrot
         Make chopped.


Seasoning Table of Simmered dried radish
* dashi: broth made from kelp and/or dried bonito shavings


     Weigh all the materials and check the amount of "dashi",
        "condiment (soy sauce, sugar, sake, & mirin)", and oil in the above table..

     Warms oil in frying pan and fries dried radish and carrots,
        in the following put Fried bean curd.

     Pour dashi and condiment into frying pan and boil down.

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